Monday, September 13, 2004

Back At Last

Hi friends:

It has been a crazy summer. I really wasn't able to post to this blog from Tibet. The e-mail access there is just not fast enough, and also not available enough for regular posting. But I took tons of notes while I was there, and I'm going to start posting them now. Since returning, the summer was still very busy. I spent most of my time organizing His Holiness Phakchok Rinpoche' s Toronto visit, and then working to make sure that it was running smoothly while he was here. Although we didn't have much time to plan, it turned out to be a very good visit with so many people volunteering so much time. His teaching was excellent. And I'm constantly amazed that someone so young can display not only so much knowledge but also so much wisdom when he teaches. When I first became a Buddhist I thought that I would never really buy into the "reincarnation thing." But there are many logical reasons why it makes sense, and then experiencing such a highly evolved person as His Holiness, pretty much seals the deal. We are already starting to work on plans for his visit next year. I'm looking forward to his yearly presence with us here in Toronto. But now back to business. Here comes the travelblog.


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